Here on the right you can see  where most
of the scenes of the procession were
filmed,As ever with the WM locations not
much has changed at all,even down to
the fern trees,fantastic!!!
The mound where the stone circle once
stood is very recognizable.It was where the
fire leap scene was filmed,also where the
mock beheading ritual took place.Its a
shame really the stones were just  props as
they would have made a great visual
Ahh,the castle of Lord Summerisle!!Lochinch
Castle really.The interiors of  the Castle were
mainly used in the film for Lord Summerisle"s
home.Culzean Castle in Airshire was used for
the exterior.Lochinch Castle is home to the Earl
and Countess of Stair and sadly not open to the
public or even a pilgrim.
On the right here are my lovely
family making great models
again in the back drop of
Castle Kennedy.On the left,
however, is myself making not
such a great model.don"t
worry, i WILL stick to my day job.
The famous fire leap scene.The
girls are not really naked,they
are wearing body suits.
Castle Kennedy Gardens is well worth a visit
even if you are not a WM fan.The gardens play
host to many specimens of plants and trees that
will often only grow in warmer and milder parts
of the world.It is due to the gulf stream that
washes the shores that these plants and trees
can be grown here.It is situated  off the A75 just
outside Stranraer.On the right are the fire
ravaged ruins of Castle Kennedy which can be
seen in the film.We picked,i think,the best day of
the year to visit the gardens.As you can see it
was a great day for a  "pilgrim photo shoot"
the wicker man pilgrim