This is yet another fantastic location on the
south west coast of Scotland.If you ever decide
to burn a Wicker Man,this is the place to do
it!!Burrowhead caravan park is situated just
before you enter  the Isle of Whithorn.There were
originally 3 wickermen.The 2 stumps you can see
of the first Wicker Man were used for close ups of
sgnt Howie inside the Wickerman and also the
end sequence where you see the head burn
and start to fall with the back drop of the sun
set.One was sent to the Cannes Film Festival
and the other one needs no introduction,one of
the most famous sites in British film making
history.The holes in the ground with bits of the
original concrete are still there.All the coastal
shots were filmed here.This is a must to visit for
any WM fan.
Here on the right you can see the  end of the
cave chase scenes where Howie ends up on
the coast, into the hands of Lord Sumerisle.In
fact the exit of the cave is really just a hole in
the ground maybe about 2ft deep.As you can
see not much,if anything at all,has changed in
33 years
Below is the grassed path leading up to
where the WM would have stood and
believe me there is not a lot of room around
this site.
The holes where the WM once
stood waiting for sgnt Howie.All
these location are within about
300yds of each other along the
On the left you can see the path
leading down to the stumps.This
site had to be below the normal
ground level because of getting
the camera shot level with the WM
head burning and falling at the
end of the film.On the right if you
were to turn your back on the
stumps you would see Burrowhead
Caravan park.The wife and son
make lovely models dont they????
Opposite the stumps towards the
rocks is this!!!!!!!!!!!!Can anyone who
looks at the web site please tell me
what this is.Im sure one of you WM
fans must know?I would be very
Well,the unthinkable has happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Over a
weekend in November 2006 the stumps have been
taken.They were sawn off at the base and now all that
remains are about 2/3 inches left sticking out of the
concrete.The pictures below are the last ones taken of
myself on the left and my mate Ian on the right.Without
Ian's help by the way  my web site would not have
been possible.These pictures were taken about 2 weeks
before they were stolen.Its a sad fact that  some of
todays society have to do things like this to a place of
pilgrimage for a lot of people.
the wicker man pilgrim
Update from February 2007.As you can all
see from these pictures the extent of the
damage done by whoever took the
stumps.The tyre tracks of a vehicle are still
visible,obviously where it had
driven/reversed down and done the deed.
The wicker man awaits sgnt