The view from the back of the graveyard is of a thick wooded area which goes
on for what seems miles.
On the left
you can see
what i think is
the most
pictures in the
film,the scull
and cross
bones.If you
look on most
web sites
about TWM
you will see
very old and
very peaceful.
Who"s that good looking chap below i hear you say,yes,its
me!!Not so good looking though i don"t think!!!!!
This picture
on the right is
where, in the
body was
supposed to
be buried.The
bottom left of
the picture is
the spot
where Howie
and the
grave digger
dug the
coffin up only
to find a hare
in there.
Below is the road thats between the schoolhouse and the
graveyard.Rite now a word of warning,if you ever visit
Anwoth and you come across this dog,watch out,it tries to
shag your leg and believe me i am talking from
experience.Nice enough dog though but guard your leg
with your life.
Below is the schoolhouse used in the film,unchanged by time
as are most things with TWM.I am told you can actually rent
this cottage out for holidays or long breaks,how cool would
that be??
Here on the right is where the
photo was taken of the failed
harvest festival with Rowan
bearing no fruit.
The plaque you can see just above the entrance is of
Samuel Rutherford who we have talked about earlier.I
would have loved to see Anwoth in its full glory all those
years ago.
Well,what can i say about this place,ive never been
anywhere like it,ever!!!!!!!!!!!!.Anwoth Old Kirk is situated
about a mile or so outside Gatehouse of Fleet.Very easy
to get to as most of the locations are,but this one is a bit
different.If you come off the A75 just past Gatehouse you
will go up a very narrow road,if you go through
Gatehouse itself you will go up an even narrower
road/dirt track to get there,just enough room for 1
car.Once there you get a feeling of how very peaceful it
is also a touch of sadness.The graveyard and church
dates back 100s of years.I think the most famous person
that relates to Awoth would be Samuel Rutherford who
preached the gospel from 1627-1636 here but not
without heartache and tragedy. His 2 children died in
infancy not long into his ministry and his wife died in
1630,he himself died in 1661.When you walk around the
grave yard you do feel sadness because of all the
children and young adults that died so young.
the wicker man pilgrim
On a more recent visit,oct,2010
the original gate has turned
up.Think it would be a great
idea to put it back on to where
it belongs!!